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2800 sq ft

April 2023

Commercial Project

Located in Central Park Towers, with a picturesque Burj Khalifa skyline, DPMS are proud to have worked with our private client to create a luxurious commercial design and build job.

DPMS had 2800 sqft to work with and we have created a wonderful, acoustically perfect workspace with double-glazed partitions used throughout to ensure all offices are soundproof which was the biggest request from our client.

With slick wooden veneer cladding used throughout this job, it has created one of the most eye-catching projects we have ever worked on. We have used natural oak veneer throughout, with luxurious key features added on the reception desk, and a fantastic high-end coffee counter which was customized to fit.

DPMS are thrilled to present this high-end commercial project, and we could not be happier with the outcome. We are delighted to carry on working with our client on another commercial job and exciting residential projects later this year.

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