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DPMS DMCC consult, create & deliver quality design & build projects for high-end Commercial and Residential spaces in the United Arab Emirates.
Good management of community relationships is as necessary to our business success as the management of our operations. Good performance requires all DPMS personnel to accept responsibility for any community relationships.
Mutual respect depends on our understanding the issues that are important to our neighbours and our neighbours understanding what is important to us. Wherever we operate, we do our best to accommodate the different cultures, lifestyles, heritage and preferences of our neighbours.
Our communities and environment work are closely coordinated and takes account of peoples’ perceptions of the effects and consequences of our activities.
We promote active partnerships at national, regional and local levels. These are based on mutual commitment, trust and openness. We support community-based projects that can make a difference in a sustainable way without creating dependency. We also assist regional development, training and employment opportunities.
We see the communities within which we operate as being key to our future successes.
Jon Yew
Chief Executive Officer
Date: 15 April 2022

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