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DPMS DMCC consult, create & deliver quality design & build projects for high-end Commercial and Residential spaces in the United Arab Emirates.


Our commitment to our people and the community within which we work is to prevent any damage or adverse effects to the environment as a result of our business activities.


Strong environmental performance is a major component to the success and growth of our company. A key part of our business strategy and operating methods is the commitment to reduce our environmental impacts and continually improve our environmental performance.


We will manage natural resources in a responsible manner ensuring minimal wastage to these valuable assets and develop work processes that identify and reduce waste as a priority.  We will:


  • Promote pollution prevention, support conservation and recycling, create environmental awareness amongst employees and encourage employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • Influence our subcontractors with our approach towards responsible environmental practices.


  • Operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, client requirements and voluntary commitments to protect the environment.


  • Ensure that environmental objectives and targets to assist in meeting our environmental commitments are developed, monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis.


DPMS is committed to conducting operations in a manner which protects the environment.




Jon Yew

Chief Executive Officer

Date: 15 April 2022           

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