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Risk Management

We at DPMS DMCC believe that dealing with risk effectively is a source of sustainable business benefit and competitive advantage and improves the confidence of all stakeholders associated with our activities in our ability to meet our strategic and business objectives. It is an integral part of how we protect and create value and is fundamental to our business success. 
Our approach to risk recognises this and reflects the importance of leaders from line through to executive management retaining ownership of risk management in each part of the business. 
The responsibility for identifying and managing risks lies with all DPMS managers and business leaders who operate within a framework that ensures risks are managed within agreed thresholds.
We foster and strongly encourage a risk-aware culture in all decision-making on all business matters and are committed to managing risk in a proactive and effective manner. We support this with an integrated framework of risk governance and reporting, we analyse risk in order to make informed management decisions taken at all levels in the organisation and we take appropriate action to deal with those risks that exceed the thresholds that can be tolerated for our objectives. 
We believe that this approach improves our ability to reduce the impact of threats and increase the benefit of opportunities for our business, helps ensure that business objectives and regulatory requirements are met in the most effective way possible, and delivers increased value for DPMS and its stakeholders.  
DPMS is committed to conducting operations in a manner which protects people, the environment and the community.
Jon Yew
Chief Executive Officer    
Date: 15 April 2022    

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