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Health & Safety

DPMS DMCC consult, create & deliver quality design & build projects for high-end Commercial and Residential spaces in the United Arab Emirates. 
DPMS is committed to providing a workplace where no injury or work-related illness is considered acceptable, and our activities are undertaken without compromising the safety, health and wellbeing of any person. 
Our goal is to achieve a ‘Safe Day, Every Day’ for all key stakeholders within our business. 
To this aim DPMS will: 
Demonstrate leadership 
Managers and Supervisors will provide leadership by ensuring all work activities are undertaken with the health, safety and wellbeing of all persons being paramount and effectively managed in the process. 
Empower our people
Ensure that every person working at DPMS is given the authority to stop work if a situation is believed to jeopardize the safety of themselves or another person. This includes each individual taking personal responsibility for their actions and ensuring that DPMS Health and Safety Management System is followed. Reporting of hazards, incidents and near misses assists DPMS in controlling workplace risks and is a requirement of every individual. 
Establish robust safety systems 
Ensure all employees are suitably trained in the requirements of our safety management system and develop and implement effective safety strategies that show measurable objectives and outcomes and provide the necessary resources to achieve the desired outcomes. 
Strive for continuous improvement 
Constantly look for initiatives to continuously improve our Health and Safety Management System by monitoring, reviewing and updating our targets and goals across the business. 
Ensure compliance 
Complying with our legislative obligations goes without question to ensure the safety and health of all persons associated with our business activities including employees, sub-contractors, clients, members of the public and the community at large.
Jon Yew
Chief Executive Officer
Date: 15 April 2022

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